Day 9: Have a Photography Goal

By Jermil

I want to start by explaining what I believe a goal is. A goal is really just an idea. A decision that you make for something that you want to exist and that you will put some type of effort towards bringing it from inside your head to the physical world.

For a long time, my goal in photography was to take my camera everywhere I went. Then I added more goals such as taking at least one picture daily and making money from photography.

I reached all of those goals and more. I believe it was simply by having the idea in my head of what I wanted to accomplish.

Photography goals can also be specific. An example of a specific photography goal is doing one photowalk a month. Another may be to create a physical or digital photobook of an event or experience. In my case, I could make a photobook using the pictures I took of the spoken word scene during my time in Las Vegas.

If you’ve ever had or currently have a goal that is related to photography in some way, let me know in the comments and maybe we can find a way to work together and reach all of our goals together. :)

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